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Bryan Anthonys Pendant Necklaces and Sets in A Variety of Styles and Colors

Bryan Anthonys Pendant Necklaces and Sets in A Variety of Styles and Colors

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YOUR STORY MATTERS: The You Are My Sunshine necklace symbolizes the limitless love between a mother and daughter. This silver jewelry for women, represents how this love stays through arguments, disagreements, heartbreaks, tears, laughter, accomplishments, milestones and fears. HIGH QUALITY: This hypoallergenic silver necklace is made with a strong, silver plated, brass chain. This is a 2 necklace set. Each piece sporting half a gorgeous sun pendant on a chain necklace measuring 16-20 with adjustable, built in extender. SIMPLE & ELEGANT: This beautiful silver jewelry has an elegance which makes it ideal for an everyday accent piece. The simple beauty of our statement necklace allows you to create unique layered necklaces for women which will match any style. ANY OCCASION: This dainty necklace for women complements any outfit. Adding a touch of glamor, these womens necklaces can be worn at home, to work, at parties or even for family events. Wear them to Valentines day, anniversaries, Christmas or any other special event. PERFECT GIFT: Give loved ones a daily reminder to live their life with purpose. Use this womens jewelry for birthday gifts for women, gifts for mom, teen girl gifts, bridesmaid gifts, grandma gifts, anniversary gift for her, engagement gift or best friend gifts. The love between a mother and daughter is like nothing else in the world. It knows no conditions. It knows no limits. It never fades, never diminishes — it always stays. It stays through arguments, disagreements, heartbreaks and tears. It stays through laughter, accomplishments, milestones and fears. You are my sunshine — radiating brightness and warmth into my life. You are the light that I can always count on. You make even the darkest days seem bright. Because a love like ours lights the whole sky. A love like ours burns brighter than everything around us. A love like ours is forever. The world is incomplete without the sun — as I am incomplete without you. You are my sunshine.

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